This RS232-to-RS485 converter supports both /RTS-controlled turnaround and automatic turnaround of the transceiver buffer. The following are some possible applications:

  • For programming an M-series PLC via its RS485 port so that its RS232 port can be freed for connecting to other devices such as HMI, SCADA, barcode scanner, smart card readers, etc.
  • For linking as many as 240 PLCs via RS485 multi-drop bus to a single PC for local programming or remote programming / monitoring via the Internet.
  • To transparently convert the PLC's RS485 port into an additional RS232 port for interfacing to third party RS232 devices. This is made possible by the auto-turnaround features built into the adapter.

  • Download Auto 485 User's Guide

    Note : The adapter requires a 9 to 24V DC power which means it can be powered by the same 12 to 24V power supply of the PLC.